New Year’s Resolutions…………already broken?!

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A new year gives us all the opportunity to make changes in our lives. However, so often 1st January, and we are no better off than we were last year.

Every year I make resolutions along with friends, colleagues and family dedicated to making them come true in the 12 months ahead. Sometimes they are achieved; sometimes they don’t due to a minor setback. However, I believe that it’s always worth trying.

If you are one of the many people who due to a minor setback have given up on those changes you wanted to make, then maybe March is the time to restart them, stick to them and achieve them making 2014 the best year yet with some simple steps;

  1. Deciding on what your goal actually is? What do you want to see change?
  2. Reflecting on what setbacks and mistakes have put you off track during January and February.
  3. Being creative write down all the things that can help you to achieve that goal, all the steps you may need to take taking account of the mistakes that you have made during January and February. No matter how silly they may sound in your head write it all down. This can be done as a brainstorm, list or mind map.
  4. Now go through the possibilities of what can help you achieve your goal putting a line through any that are not feasible and a tick against the ones that are going to help you achieve that goal.
  5. One mistake a lot of people make is trying to do too much all at once hoping to achieve their goal by the end of January. If your goals are worth attaining then take small steps. Prioritise the order of your list of possible steps by putting numbers against them or in a list. Space these steps out and, not moving on to the next until the before is achieved.
  6. Remember when you are heading in the right direction taking small steps there will be setbacks on the way BUT reminding yourself you are on the right direction. I am going to use a mountain analogy here; if you think of someone climbing a mountain the path inevitably goes up and down as it gradually ascends to the peak. Someone watching you move towards the peak from the start will see that you are gradually moving in the right direction, however to you it may seem like you are not achieving anything when the path is going down. This is a good analogy to remind yourself of when you feel you are in a dip and reflect on what you have achieved so far.


So give those New Year’s Resolutions another chance! and achieve your goals………

“Consider the postage stamp; its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there” (Josh Billings, 1818-1885 American Writer)