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“STOPTOBER” and Addictions

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Welcome to my blog…this month sees the STOPTOBER campaigns and support all around us which is aimed at people who are addicted to smoking and want to give up. However smoking as I’m sure you are all aware of is not the only type of addiction that exists, unfortunately people become addicted to a whole host of things, the more common addictions are Alcohol, Drugs, Nicotine, Gambling, Caffeine and sex.

Diagnosed addictions are defined as reliance on a substance or habit that is continued regardless of how negatively it is affecting social, business or relationship aspects of our lives. Addiction can be extremely difficult to quit due to psychological, emotional, habitual and physical withdrawal symptoms that they may include.

Going back to the STOPTOBER campaign, I regularly see smokers who come to me and hope that I have a magic wand in my therapy work that will cure them of their addiction without any hard work involved. Like most clients I see with addictions the truth is I can support them in accepting that they have an addiction and help them identify their desire to give up which are some of the key ingredients to overcoming their addictions. They will then start on the journey of the ‘process of change’ outlined below.



I am sure you have all experienced at least someone with an addiction whether its yourselves, family, friends, work colleagues or acquaintances who are in denial about their addictions and the detriment that it has on their lives…but until that individual is ready to accept their addiction then we can only be there to support and care for them as best we can. If there is anyone that would like to have a chat about any concerns they have about addictions whether its themselves or others I would be very happy to help and/or point them in the right direction of support groups that maybe helpful.

So on a lighter note…..calling out to all ‘Shopaholics’…….be mindful of the contents of your purse with the run up to Christmas!